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Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence

Split fence installation & repair

Split Fence services in in Overland Park, KA

What is a split rail fence? Contrary to its name, a split rail fence is not really split when made. It is split with a sawmill. As one of the most affordable solutions and styles for outlining boundaries and giving decoration, a split fence is an excellent choice to keep livestock contained. 

We can make your yard look good with a Split fence installation & repair project. Split fencing is becoming quite popular throughout the Overland Park, KS area.

We offer it in 4' tall, cedar pickets, with 48" adjustable spacing according to your needs. The best thing about split fencing is that you can custom design it for your individual needs. You can use a split fence anywhere you could use a wood fence.

Sturdy and built to last, split fencing needs about the same amount of maintenance as wood fencing.

Split fence installation & repair are a great way to add visual appeal, long-lasting style, and character to your residential or commercial property. Wood is an excellent material for crafting fences and allows our fence contractors to create any fence you can imagine. There’s no limit to our creativity when it comes to fencing. Split rail fences stay intact for a very long time and are durable enough to stand up against the elements, thanks to our exclusive wood treatment that guarantees a long life on your fence investment.

Split fence installation & repair

The quality split fences we construct are designed to deliver safety, highlight the appeal of your property, and improve the value of your property. We know that you are making an investment and our crew wants you to have your money’s worth.

You should feel good in putting your trust in us for giving you a stable, reliable split fence. Each of our professional installers is committed to creating split fences that provide the most valuable security while fulfilling the latest in custom design fencing techniques.

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