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Commercial Fencing


Get Safety and Style with our Commercial Fencing

Commercial fencing is the first impression of your property, and you want to make a good impression on anyone who comes to visit. With our commercial fencing, you get added security and style all in one. Want a chain-link fence? Or maybe a steel one? We have a vast variety of Commercial fence repair for you to choose. If you aren’t sure which one will look the best, our contractor will let you know all your options during the consultation. 

We can install any of our fences on a commercial property. If you have some idea of how you want your fence to look, we can custom design it for you. We have industrial grade commercial fences. What this means is that your fence will withstand rain, sleet, snow, or any other adverse weather faced in Kansas.

If you want to secure your parking lot, an aluminum fence works best. On your construction site, we recommend going with a chain link. Our commercial fence repair installers have been doing this for years, so they know what type of fence works well with which type of commercial property. However, we will install whichever kind of fence you desire. 

You don't have to worry about commercial fencing state law requirements or having to get a permit, etc. Our contractors handle all the paperwork for you. What you can expect from us is affordable pricing and quality, durable commercial fence.

But we offer much more than just chain link and iron fences. We also provide fencing supplies such as metal fence posts. If you bought a Home Depot fence or a Lowes fencing product and you want it installed, our team can do it for you. Just call us and let us know so we can set up a convenient time to come and do the job. 

If you want security but still want to give the fence some flair, ornamental steel, and ornamental aluminum is your best bet. 

Are you looking for a temporary fence? Temporary fences have many uses, from acting as a security gate for a concert/special event to being used as a makeshift cage inside a warehouse. 

Since we customize our fences in-house, we can make just about any fence that you need. If you’re thinking about a fence and you wonder about “the best fencing companies near me,” you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Quality Commercial Fencing for Your Business

We know you want a sturdy, high-quality commercial fence, and this is what our fencing contractors give to you.

The fence we install to protect your business is heavy fencing material. Our commercial fencing comes in all shapes and sizes, including 

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  •   Backstops for baseball fields 
  •   Barbed wire security fences  
  •   Municipalities/government buildings
  •   Fencing for public parks, schools, restaurants, and office buildings 

We want you to trust our Overland Park, KS fencing business to keep you protected with our safety fence installation process. We want you to count on us to handle all your fencing needs. 

When you partner with Joe’s Fence Contractors, you get a team of professionals who manage every aspect of securing your property, dismissing the need to hire multiple contractors. From building a fence to fence repairs, we do it all. 

For years, we have been the go-to Commercial fence repair company in Overland Park, and for a good reason. When it comes to fencing, every customer has unique problems and concerns to be resolved quickly. 

Usually, when people think of fencing, they don't think of beauty, but fences are beautiful and can beautify any property. We know that there are so many different types of fencing solutions out there, making it a little confusing as to where to begin. Give our contractors a call to learn more about the many choices and benefits to security fencing around your business.

If you own a commercial property, you realize how crucial fencing is to protect your property. Protection is why you want the best, and you require durability and quality in your fencing materials. You want something that is going to look good while also providing the security that you need. 

You need installers who possess the know-how and can complete the job according to the schedule. Joe’s Fence Contractors has all of that and a big selection of fencing that will serve your specific purpose.

When picking the right kind of fencing, it is best to select only the best. When you choose below average materials, you have a delivery that is slow, an installation that takes too long, and a team that isn’t very skilled. 

You need your fencing projects done promptly, and that’s what we do for all our customers in Overland Park, KS. Our commitment includes using only the best materials and the best practices.

We give you value and quality by merging our craftsmanship and experience with solid fence materials. The result is a completed product that exceeds expectations, is finished on time, and within your budget.

Our in-house welding shop lets us custom fabricate products and fulfill various project demands. From a basic chain link repair to a complex security application, we are all about earning your business. We know that any addition to your commercial property is a significant investment. Pick the fencing contractor in Overland Park, KS with the highest online business reviews and referral rates in the industry.

You might not know this, but Commercial fence repair requires bigger tools and more skills than residential fencing.  Many fence companies in Overland Park lack the training for such intricate work. Our crew is wholly prepared with the skills and knowledge to give you the best results for your commercial fence. 

Look at our project page for jobs we have completed. If you are looking for a commercial fence in Overland Park, KS for security, or you just want to add style to your school, hotel, apartment complex, etc., we would consider it a privilege to be your commercial fencing contractor.



Do you desire a new fence installed but you want to you get quality fence installation for your money? At Joe’s Fence Contractors, we are well- known for doing a good job and charging affordable prices. That is what separates us from other fence companies in Overland Park, KS.